About Us

Waking with the culture

I’ve come to a certain age in my life where I’ve learned one of the things that is so important for balance, is the integration of rituals throughout my day. They are the most basic of rituals, from my morning cup to my mid-day ballet stretches. I use them to ground myself and re-focus my energies on what's important at that moment. 

As we weave our way through hectic schedules, we rarely take the time to ask why we do certain things and what they mean to us. It’s become more and more important that I’m able to pass down cultural traditions as my little ones grow, especially those of my curandera grandmother. Helping them understand the why’s with the how to’s.

What I hope, is that when you use our products, you put every bit of focus solely on yourself even if just for a few moments to remember your why. Take the time back and let it be measured, calm, aware. 

The products available are made in small batches and every ingredient or material used is picked with purpose from the tepezcohuite in the body lotion to the clay in the ceramics. We integrate the connections of ancestral use with up to date needs.

About B's Professional Dance Career

As someone who began their dance journey late, I share my passion for this art form in the most sincere of ways. I began formally training in jazz and ballet in Miami, FL at the age of 14. That’s more than halfway to retirement for most professional dancers. With encouraging mentorship from the Mencia-Pikieris School Of Dance, The Dance Company of VA, and later Precision Dance Company and Galmont Ballet, I was awarded the first dance scholarship by my college in central FL.

Through college dance courses, I was able to advance my education not only in technical skill, but also through a curriculum that emphasized pedagogy, performance, and choreography. Putting this directly into practice, I began teaching ballet, modern and tap to students of all ages at a pre-professional dance company and choreographed works for several performing and visual art shows. Since then, I’ve continued to expand my dance skills (Hula, Tahitian, Samba) and knowledge, but I always come back to the technical foundations and meditative movements of ballet and modern.

Hi! I'm Bianca, the founder of Viva Chicana & BB Dance Collective. Thank you for visiting the site and for your support of this small business!!!